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Junji Ito

There are those who say it's not his best work. What they don't understand is that ALL HIS WORK IS HIS BEST WORK.

Let it be known: Hellstar Remina is amazing.

Normally I don't go in for girls being crucified by mindless mobs, but this has an epic ending. It also has a totally insane story featuring celebrity dehumanization, homicidal elitism and a traveling planet hungry for Earth. If you can make it to the end, you will be rewarded*.

(*disclaimer: not by me).
Found this in the creepy group I frequent.

And it really is creepy, I'll give him that.



The only things I know about Sweden are weird and electronic.
I had a pretty wicked birthday, despite working at the restaurant. It was actually pretty fun, AND I got a cake. AND someone surprised me with roses and a scary book at the front cash! I was informed by the customers who witnessed it that he is a hero, and that our wedding will be beautiful XD

Ben is a hero, y'know.

AND there's someone in our database living on Virginia Ave and it's been misspelled as Virgina for years, and I just discovered it and I have to fight to control myself every time I read it.

Thanks, God.

Joanie died last night at a vet office in Simcoe. I haven't seen her since last week, and she lived with us for about a month. Hooray for a God that gives a dog a shitty life and then takes it away a month after she gets a family who loves her! Praise the fucking Lord!

I wrote this article

It's on depression and craftiness. I'm not sure if you can tell it's been edited, but the underneath is still mine. Sometimes I wonder if my writing style is too, I don't know, stream-of-consciousness to be widely accepted. Not that wide acceptance is my first priority, but some acceptance would be nice. Anyway, here's the link!

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and Joanie is doing awesome! She plays and wags her tail now. That's a big step up from cowering at the back of her kennel.

Mermaids and...Mermaids

I have posted to both blogs this evening - the jewellery one and the fiction one. Both deal with mermaids, but only one promises to lead to a gruesome conclusion. And it will, someday.

The day I finish something, the horror community better watch the fuck out. I'm coming for you, Eli Roth, and I'm bringing Plot and Character Development with me. I got that formula from B. D. Thanks, B.

The Time Has Come.

The store is now open! I am, this very second, posting about this on my other blog - read all about it, if this doesn't make it clear enough for you. To cut to the chase while still heeding my feelings, go right to the store! Couldn't hurt to check things out, could it?

Update to Vera Luna

I don't know if I'm going to let you know every time I update the jewellery blog. But I am today! Check it out - three of my favourite things that I've made. I've also crushingly disappointed myself in another area of my life, but I don't want to talk about that now. I kind of wish there was one person I could be completely honest with, regarding how I feel about things like this. They're big feelings, though, and I don't want to blacken anyone else's mood. Look at the Vera Luna update, though - one thing I'm completely proud of.

Check Out Vera Luna!

My jewellery blog, on a site that makes editing posts fucking impossible:


Take a look!